Ramona Cachinero would without a doubt be one of the most talented, hard working dancers that it has been my pleasure to have worked with. During her contracts with The Tasmanian Ballet Company, I found it a total delight to be her ballet master.
Her ability to grasp anything that I threw at her regarding her dancing/ performing was always something that made my job so much easier.
The sheer pleasure of seeing where she started a rehearsal season, to where she stepped onto a stage and “owned” the part she was dancing, was something that I will cherish forever.
Her class work was never anything but top shelf and her rehearsal work always seemed to take her to a new level.
Such a beautiful dancer – such a beautiful teacher – such a beautiful person.

Ken McSwain, Ballet Master
Tasmanian Ballet Company – Hobart, Australia

Ramona Cachinero is by far the greatest ballet teacher I’ve ever had.As a student with a different passion to everyone else, and completely against Ballet; Ramona was the only teacher to get through to me. Not only did she teach me to enjoy ballet, she also used her skills in a way that I could learn to incorporate them into my journey of becoming a teacher myself. I still look up to her, and hope to be like her one day. Her teaching methods proved to be incredible, as she made the entire class improve phenomenally, while at the same time showing support and encouragement within a caring environment. She was respectful to her students and maintained pure professionalism. I have so much respect for her as a teacher, and the wonderful person she is.

Alicia Bryant, Past Student
Dance Teacher at Suncoast City Performing Arts Centre (SCPAC) – Caloundra, Australia

When I first started taking from Ramona I was young and timid. I remember my friends and I looking at each other after she gave a combination thinking to our selves “this lady is crazy, I’ll never be able to do that.” but little did we know, WE COULD DO IT!

She has a way of building your confidence as a dancer, all while making sure you’re doing things with good technique. She isn’t your average dance teacher, and she will be one of the best you’ve ever had. I highly recommend her to any one from beginner to experienced.

Codi Morris, Past student
Reno, NV

I had the privilege to watch a class of Ramona’s and let me just say that her communication skills, keen eye for detail, the respect that was shared between teacher and student and fine dance quality was second to none. What a great inspiration she was for the kids. Keep up the good work Ramona. Cheers, and seriously impressed, Dale Pengelly

I have had the pleasure of working with Ramona in various ballet companies since 2005. She is an extremely dedicated person and passionate about her art which shows strongly through her work and dancing. She has been a close coworker of mine that remains constantly in contact and has been an extremely supportive friend as well that I have cherished throughout it all! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her!
Courtney Jankovic, Fellow Company Dancer
Ohio Dance Theatre, Sierra Nevada Ballet, Tasmanian Classical Ballet

Ramona taught in my school for just over 12 months. In this time she taught syllabus, open class and repertoire. Ramona has a knack for encouraging students to motivate themselves and bring their dance to a new level.

After working with Ramona the students had a new ignited passion for ballet. My fondest memory is the beautiful repertoire of Gisselle that she taught to my students for a performance. I have also watched Ramona transform other young dancer into beautiful pre professional artists.

Brigette Kay, Studio Owner
To The Pointe Ballet Studio

Ramona Cachinero is most definitely the best ballet teacher I’ve had. Ballet has always been my favourite style of dance and ever since the first class of Ramona’s I took, her professionalism and dedication to sharing her passion for dance made me fall in love with ballet all over again.
An open class consisting of a range of Barre and centre exercises gave me the opportunity to build strength and endurance whilst gaining the experience of learning exercises that would be seen in a company class.
Her classes are tailored for all different levels from beginners to advanced and with the expertise and encouragement she provided to each and every student, I saw myself and every other student improving within a matter of classes.
She is definitely one of my inspirations and I look up to her. Her classes are without a doubt incredible and her teaching methods prove to be a real benefit to students. I have so much respect for her both as a teacher a mentor and the humble person she is.
Keeley May Wise, Past Student
Sunshine Coast, Australia

It is invaluable to have a teacher who not only actively demonstrate steps, but performs them. It is an important tool for students to not only see the steps, but how they integrate into the context of dance.
Ramona has youthful energy and enthusiasm and students find that very inspirational. She knows how to encourage and extend her students through her own experiences of professional dance, and her experience in that field is also invaluable to inform students of what it takes to succeed in the classical world. Ramona is caring but disciplined by nature and her love of dance shines through as well as her obvious talent.

Donna Keam, Mother of Past Student (pictured: Paige Keam)
Sunshine Coast, Australia